Puglia: A Region in Italy

We all, at one time or another, crave to return to our roots, our land of origin. And of course for Italian-Americans their destination is almost always Italia. Some of us are fortunate enough to have some relatives, usually second or third cousins that will willingly put up with us, because we are MERICANS. For our Italian relatives left behind when we set foot in America and stay more than a day as immigrants to this great land AMERICA, we are in their eyes forever Mericans. Puglia, as you can see is almost a peninsula, the heel of the boot and is and has always been the door to LEVANTE, the EAST, the Byzantine world. This geographic location has, over many years, made the Pugliesi a very friendly and open people. Should you decide to go visit Puglia I am certain that no matter what your origins are you will be welcome with open arms and a very open kitchen. Given the geographic location of Puglia it is understandable that we will find anything that grows under the sun in Puglia and any fish that swims in the sea also.

In my humble opinion, a trip to Puglia is a worthy undertaking. Any time of the year is a good time to visit Puglia, but for me the best time is the early spring and the fall. The spring provides the local kitchen with an abundance of fresh and varied vegetables that are delectable and savory. The fall loads the tables with so much fresh fruit that confuses the eyes and the palate.

The many fall harvest and saint festivals will give you a feel that you belong with these people and events from time past. Participating in these festivals will give you the sense of what LA DOLCE VITA means and make you appreciate life to the core. The food in Puglia is very simple and is based on what the land and the sea offers. Some of the most popular dishes are the Tiella di Riso Patate e Cozze, le Orecchiette con Cimedirape and of course the fresh ricotta and burrata. And please donĺt forget to try the incredible PANZEROTTI. From the tip of the heel at Capo Di Santa Maria di Luca to the Gargano promontory on the North Puglia offers the best that Italy can offer in terms of food, hospitality and relaxation. Next time that you decide to take a trip to Italia, take the road less traveled, you will love it!

By Franco Rotondi. Member At-Large.

PBS - The Italian Americans

THE ITALIAN AMERICANS reveals the unique and distinctive qualities of one immigrant group´┐Żs experience, and how these qualities, over time, have shaped and challenged America. Unlike other immigrant groups, many Italians did not come to America to stay. At the turn of the 20th century, most came to work, earn money to support their families, and eventually return home. Nearly half of the first generation Italian immigrants did return to Italy.

PBS - The Italian Americans

Italian Books at Austin Public Library

The Faulk Central Library has the books by Elena Ferrante in Italian. The series by this author are one of the bestsellers in English right now and they got some requests to add her books to their Italian collection.

Storia del Nuovo Cognome
Storia di Chi Fugge e di Chi Resta
Storia della Bambina Perduta
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Learning Italian - University of Texas

The Department of French and Italian offers bachelors degrees in French and Italian. Graduate courses in Italian support graduate degrees in other departments and cross-disciplinary offerings. Department of French & Italian

National Italian American Foundation

La National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), una fondazione a livello nazionale avente sede legale a Washington, D.C., ´┐Ż la maggiore e pi´┐Ż fedele rappresentante degli oltre 20 milioni di cittadini italo-americani che vivono negli Stati Uniti.

Le due pi´┐Ż importanti finalit´┐Ż che la NIAF si prefigge sono quelle di far s´┐Ż che gli italo-americani continuino a mantenere sempre vivo e presente il ricchissimo patrimonio dei propri valori e delle proprie tradizioni culturali, e quella di assicurarsi che l´┐Żintera comunit´┐Ż non dimentichi mai il grande contributo che gli italiani hanno apportato alla storia ed al progresso degli Stati Uniti.

National Italian American Foundation